Main Regulations (old)

Order of competitions

1. General statements
1.1. This order is intended for competitions control.
1.2. This order's violations are inadmissible and punishable.
1.3. Every case, unforseen by this order is studied by General Conductor and race coordinator(s). General Conductor has exclusive right to conclude the final decision.
1.4 Order of this Regulation stays priority over "FIRST Official Sporting Code"

2. Main conceptions and definitions
2.1. General Conductor: the one who organises competitions and in charge of administrative, financial and technical aspects of competitions.
2.2. Race coordinator: the one who represents General Conductor.
2.3. Top Judge: the one who judges the competition. Appointed by General Conductor. Have right to make any decision that do not contradict with this order.
2.4. Stewards: helpers of the top judge. Participate in solving disputes.
2.5. Participator, racer: the one who took part in registration process, and is racing in competitions.
2.6. Force Majeour Circumstances: it's circumstances, entailed by violation of normal computer's or network session work with no racers fault. They are: power supply shortage, computer and network devices hangups, software faults, racer's health problems.
2.7. Cut-off: intentional shortening of track distance by driving outside track.
2.8. Road Race: high speed challenge on closed cirquit dedicated asphalt track.
2.9. Stage: part of Championship. Consists of racing event (free practice, qualification, race)
2.10. Season: set of Racing Events.
2.11. Division: a group of racers, specified by sortition or special selection for Event.
2.12. Pit-Lane: part of the track marked by yellow road-marks placed beside Track and dedicated for driving to/from track accessing Boxes.
2.13. Box: zone placed on Pit-Lane, dedicated for stopping, servicing and fixing of cars during Event.
2.14. Parking: zone, dedicated for parking of cars. Usually it's tarmac square, placed near main track surface.

3. Competitions Organization
3.1. Competition's Officials:
- General Conductor 
- Coordinators
3.2. General Conductor appoints Coordinators.
3.3. General Conductor publishes season's Schedule and Order not later than one week before start of first stage.
3.4. At least one Coordinator is present at every Division of Event.
3.5. Coordinator can cancel Event in case of Force Majeour Circumstances. General Conductor does not take any responsibility for cancelled Event.
3.6. Only General Conductor or Coordinator can make public statements about competitions.

4. Competition Conditions
4.1. Number of racers taking part in each division is set by General Conductor just before Event start.
4.2. If number of racers doesn't divide by number of divisions without a reminder, higher divisions can have more racers than lower ones.
4.3. Racers are distributed by divisions according to pre-qualification.
4.4. Event consists of qualification and race for each division. Event can get separated for two days in case of unforseen technical troubles.
4.5. Race start places are set by qualification results. If racer hasn't shown any time, he starts from last place.
4.6. If racer got penalty for pit-lane speeding during qualification, he must complete penalty in the next three laps.
4.7. Racer gets points in every stage, depending on finish place.
4.8. To be classified racer must complete race distance specified in Appendix #3, otherwise racer gets DNF. If there is more than one DNF racer, they are sorted in order of driven distance.
4.9. Racer gets additional points for qualification position specified in Appendix 3.
4.10. Racer gets additional points specified in Appendix 3 for making bestlap in race and other. A disqualified racer loses all additional points. If bestlap maker is disqualified, next fastest time owner gets this point.
4.11. Racer's cup winner is determined by sum of points. When racers have equal points, the one having better grid position through season's races has advantage.
4.12. Racer gets 0 points for leaving or not starting in the event.
4.13. Team result is determined by sum each team's best racers points of every event (the number of racers who score points for team is determined for each season in the Appendix #3). The final result is determined by sum all points team score on all stages.
4.14. Racers must be quiet during qualification and race parts of the Event. It's forbidden to use voice or text chat.
4.15. Racers must obey all Coordinator's orders.
4.16. Disqualified racer gets 0 points for the event.

5. Protests
5.1. Protest must be supplied not later than 24 hours after Event finish.
5.2. Protest must be supplied in special section of site.
5.3. Racing incidents and controversial points are examined in Event replays. Conflict is solved by General Conductor and Race Coordinator(s).
5.4. Decision made by General Conductor is final and can not be discussed.

6. Racers and teams requirements
6.1. Racer must have an active subscription to iRacing.
6.2. Racer must be registered in the System of the Championships.
6.3. By registering in the championships, the driver agrees to the rules of the competition and the requirements of these regulations.
6.4. The driver must apply to participate.
6.5. Car number in the simulator must match the number received on championship registration.
6.6. The team may be limited by the number of participants. Limitation is specified in Appendix #3 for each season.
6.7. Racer can participate in both individual and in team competition.
6.8. Racer or Team can be rejected in participation or registration without explaining the reasons.
6.9. It is forbidden to transmit passwords to access the race server to third parties.

7. Particiation Request
7.1. Anyone can be allowed to participate in open competitions.
7.2. Racers must supply application to participate in each race.
7.3. When supplying the application, it is assumed that:
- Racer is familiarized and accepts all Order and Order appendixes statements.
- Racer can not make any claims to officials in cause of publishing information about competitions in mass media.

8. Rewards
8.1. Winners of personal and team cups are rewarded with prizes which were declared before competition start.
8.2. General Conductor and sponsors are allowed to introduce any additional prizes.

9. Changes and additions for this Order
9.1. Only General Conductor has right to change Order statements.
9.2. Notification on every Order changes is published on competition's official site.


Appendix #1

1. Passing maneuvres
1.1. Passing is allowed from both sides (right and left). Precautions must be taken in case of passing. Action against of to be passed one change of trajectory is allowed to be taken only once. Second attempt of blocking is a subject of penalty - penalty time of 5 seconds will be added. 
1.2. Change of trajectory for turning after straight, while having advantage in position, is not considered as a block.
1.3. Pass is counted accomplished when one is passed for more than a half of car length. Leading one has priority in choosing of next turn trajectory.
1.5. Racers must be respectful to each other in case of simultaneous entry to turn of two or more racers.

2. Other maneuvres
2.1. Intentional cut of trajectory is not allowed and is a subject of penalty - penalty time of 5 seconds will be added.
2.2. In case of "out-of-track" situation return to track is allowed only if this action won't make any troubles to others.
2.3. Lapped racers must give way to all leading racers. Violation of this requirement will cause disqualification from Event.
2.4. Racers must take all possible actions to avoid any contact with other racers cars.
2.5. These actions are prohibited:
- Intentional early braking in the straight line
- Driving reverse on track
- Crossing of dotted yellow line in the exit from pit lane
- Parking on the race track surface
Violation of any of these rules can cause an immediate disqualification from the session or from the championship or time penalty of 10 seconds, depending on inflicted damage.

3. Procedure of race start
3.1. Drivers must be very careful in first lap as tires are cold and cars are close together.
3.2. Drivers causing avoidable crashes during first race lap or causing incident which could have been avoided, receive penalty start from pit-line next race.

4. Finish procedure of qualification and race 
4.1. To avoid causing obstacles for finishing participants all racers must drive to pit-lane and make pit-stop or continue by joining spectator mode after reaching pit-lane.

5. Sanctions
5.1. Driver may be penalized for incidents in any racing session. 
5.2. There are several types of penalties - penalty points, disqualification on the stage. 
5.3. Penalty points may be subtracted from the points gained per race. 
5.4. Penalty points are accumulated and when a certain amount to the pilot to impose appropriate penalties: 
- By accumulating 50 penalty points driver fined - disqualification at one stage.
- By accumulating 100 penalty points driver fined - disqualification from competitions.
5.5. In one protest driver can get from 10 to 50 penalty points:
  5.5.1 - The penalty for not participating in the race - 20
  5.5.2  - Result of the actions which caused slight accident with the other participants in the race - 10-30
  5.5.3 - Result of the actions which caused a severe accident with another participant race or multiple race participants - 20-50
  5.5.4 - Creation of noise when leaving pitline or adjacent to the track area - 20-50
  5.5.5 - Creating a dangerous situation on the track (emergency braking on a straight line, driving in the opposite direction of race traffic during any official session, car parking directly on the track) - 10-50
  5.5.6 - Intentionally blocking being lapped - 20-50
5.6. In certain cases, penalty points can be replaced by adding penalty time to the final result.
5.7. When a minor breach may only be given a warning without a penalty points.
5.8. For numerous violations of racing driver can be disqualified for the next race.
5.9 For repeat violations, after the departure of disqualification for the race, the driver can be disqualified from the tournament, or all subsequent tournaments.

Appendix 2 "Responsibilties"

1.1. Coordinator must announce session start in advance
1.2. All participants must save replays of qualification and race. 
1.3. In case of unforseen force major circumstances start of session (practice, qualification or race) can be postponed for 60 minutes. If delay is more than 60 minutes, event can be cancelled.

Appendix 3 "Information specific to a season"

1.1. This appendix is released individually to every season.

Copyright (c) A-SPEC.RRT

Violation of any of these rules can cause an immediate disqualification from the session or from the championship or time penalty of 10 seconds, depending on inflicted damage.


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