Round 10 : Nurburgring Grand-Prix-Strecke - BES/WEC
DateTue 05 Mar 2019
Race ServerORSRL GTE Championship 2019
StatusNot started
Registration typeBy hotlap
Race field60
Registered drivers0
Registration Car ClassGTE
Deadline Tue 05 Mar 2019 17:30 GMT []
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Length5.15 km
Subround typePractice
Start Date05 Mar 2019 - 17:30 GMT []
Duration30 mins
Subround typeQualification
Start Date05 Mar 2019 - 18:00 GMT []
Duration10 mins
Race 1
Subround typeRace
Start Date05 Mar 2019 - 18:10 GMT []
Distance25 mins
Race 2
Subround typeRace
Start Date05 Mar 2019 - 18:40 GMT []
Distance50 mins
Stops required1
Weather Conditions
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