ORSRL GTE Championship 2019 - Competition system
Points System
Description Points

Bonus points
Description Points

Competition System
Description Value
Maximum drivers99
Drivers a team6
Drivers who score for team2
Drivers who score for country2
Highest car number99
Maximum splits available2
% of race distance to classify75
Sanctions for team200

Chief JusticeAlexander Mursayew
JudgeArtem Grabow
JudgeDmitriy Denisov
JudgeIgor Zvozdetsky
JudgeMaksim Aldonin
JudgeRoman Papyan
JudgeVasiliy Zaitsev
JudgeVladimir Marchevsky

The Open Russian SimRacing League is the governing and organizing body for multiple online Sim Racing series. The ORSRL is dedicated in creating a realistic and fair environment for it's members. Anyone who has an account on iRacing.com, Assetto Corsa, Live For Speed or another racing game is welcome to join our growing community.

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