ORSRL Main Regulations

Order of competitions

1. Basic statements.
1.1. These Regulations are whole and indivisible with any Appendixes and other documents, referred to in the text.
1.2. These Regulations are meant for competition managing only.
1.3. Violation of these Regulations is prohibited and will be penalized.
1.4. All situations in the competition, which are not mentioned in these Regulations, are investigated by the Chief Organizer and the competition Coordinator. The Chief Organizer has an exclusive right for making the final decision.
2. Basic concepts and definitions.
2.1. Chief Organizer – a person or an organization, providing competition management and responsible for any administrative, financial or technical aspects of the competition.
2.2. Competition Coordinator – a person representing the Chief Organizer.
2.3. Chief Steward – a person, judging a competition process, appointed by the Chief Organizer. Chief Steward has a right to make any judgment, which is not against these Regulations.
2.4. Stewart – a Chief Stewart assistant, taking part in the judgment.
2.5. Participant (or Pilot) – a person who completed registration process and is taking part in the competition.
2.6. Force Majeure – circumstances disrupting normal function of hardware or network session, not being the result of Participant’s actions. Such circumstances are: power outage, hardware malfunction, software errors, connectivity issues, health problems.
2.7. Circuit Racing – speed competition along the enclosed road with solid surface.
2.8. Simulation – software complex meant for holding Circuit Racing with use of the computing hardware.
2.9. Track – set of facilities inside the Simulation, meant for holding Circuit Racing.
2.10. Event – set of activities being the separate competition and taking place on one Track.
2.11. Season – set of Events with common point standings.
2.12. Split – drawed or selected set of Participants, designated for a single race.
2.13. Racing Surface – part of the Track with solid surface, meant for car movement and battling for position during the race.
2.14. Edges of Racing Surface are defined by White solid lines. This White lines considered to be part of the Racing Surface.
2.15. Pit-stall – part of the Track, meant for stopping or Parking the car, car servicing, penalty serving. Pit-stall is not part of the Racing Surface.
2.16. Pit-lane – part of the Track meant for getting into the Pit-stall and out of it. Pit-lane is not part of the racing surface.
2.16.1. Pit-lane Entrance – part of the Track meant for getting onto the Pit-lane from the Racing Surface. Structurally designated Pit-lane Entrance is not part of the Racing Surface.
2.16.2. Pit-lane Exit – part of the Track meant for getting onto the Racing Surface from the Pit-lane. Structurally designated Pit-lane Exit is not part of the Racing Surface.
2.17. Pit-stop – stopping the car for technical servicing or penalty serving, implying immediate motion resuming.
2.18. Parking – stopping the car without implying immediate motion resuming.
2.19. Overlap – situation in which side projections of the cars situated on the same part of the Racing Surface are intersecting.
2.20. Overtake or Pass – position exchange between cars situated on the same part of the Racing Surface.
2.21. Contact – a touching of cars being registered by the Simulation, which influenced their behavior.
3. Organizing of the competition.
3.1. Competition officials are:
- Chief Organizer
- Competition Coordinator.
3.2. Competition Coordinators are appointed by the Chief Organizer.
3.3. Chief Organizer must publish Season schedule, terms of participation and competition regulations no later than a week before Season’s first Event.
3.4. Each Split should have the Competition Coordinator.
3.5. Competition Coordinator may cancel the Event in a Force Majeure situation. Coordinator may not be held responsible for any harm, caused by such cancellation.
3.6. Only Chief Organizer or the Competition Coordinator may provide official information about the competition.
3.7. Competition officials must follow all effective license agreements ant rules set by the makers of the Simulation, which is used in the competition.
3.8. Official competition information source and a place for communication between Participants is “forum.simracing.su” bulletin board.
3.9.1. If a briefing before the race is necessary, the Chief Organizer publishes information about the place and time of the briefing in the official source of information no later than one day before the start of the briefing.
3.9.2. Information announced by officials at the briefing takes precedence over regulatory documents in case of conflict.
4. Terms of competition.
4.1. Chief Organizer decides the number of Participants in each Split before the Event.
4.2. If Participants can’t be evenly split between Split, higher Split may have more Participants.
4.3. Event consists of the qualifying and a race for each Split. Event may take several days due technical issues.
4.4. Participant’s starting position is determined by the qualification. If a participant did not post any time in qualification, he will be starting from the back of the grid. If there’s a number of Participants without qualification time, their positions among each other will be determined by the Simulation features.
4.5. Participant gets points in every Event, based on his finishing position. Point system is published for every particular Season in the Appendix D.
4.6. In order to be classified Participant must drive the race distance, pointed in the Appendix D for the particular Season. If Participant failed to drive that distance, he gets a DNF status (Did Not Finish). DNF Participants among each other are sorted by the distance traveled. Not classified Participant is not getting points for finishing position.
4.7. Participant gets points for qualifying position, if such is stated in the Appendix D for the particular Season.
4.8. Participant may get a bonus points in drivers competition, if such is stated in the Appendix D for particular Season. Participant, disqualified from the Event is stripped of any earned bonus points. For example, if the best lap holder is disqualified from the Event, the next best lap holder will get the bonus points.
4.9. Standings in the drivers competition are determined by the amounts of points, collected by the Participants in the Season. If the amount of points is equal between Participants, Participant scored the highest finishing position during the Season gets the higher standing in drivers competition.
4.10. Participant gets 0 points upon not showing for the Event, or being disqualified.
4.11. Team points in the Event are the sum of points of team’s best scoring Pilots in this Event (number of the Pilots, scoring points for the team, is pointed in the Appendix D for the particular season). Standings in the teams competition are determined by the amount of team points, collected by the team in the Season.
4.12. During the race Participants must remain silent. Use of the text or voice chat is forbidden.
4.13. Participants must follow instructions issued by the Simulation or the Competition Coordinator.
4.14. Disqualified Participant does not get classified.
5. Protests.
5.1. Protest may be filed by the Participant for any incident in the Event in time, pointed in Appendix D for particular season, after the races are finished.
5.2. Protest may be filed by the Chief Steward for any incident in the event, independently of the protests filed by Participants, at any time until official Event closure.
5.3. Possibility of answering the protest is open for the amount of time pointed in Appendix D for particular season, after the protest was filed.
5.4. Protests and answers for them should be filed in designated section.
5.5. Incidents and disputable situations are considered and analyzed with the replay. Decision is made by the Chief Steward with the help of the Steward board.
5.6. Decision made by the Chief Steward is final and undisputed.
5.7. All incidents, that took place during the first lap of the race, are reviewed by the Steward board, independently of the protests, filed by Participants.
6. Requirements for the teams and participants.
6.1. Participants must follow all effective license agreements ant rules set by the makers of the Simulation, which is used in the competition.
6.2. Participant must be registered in the competition management system.
6.2.1.Participant should register with his real name and 2nd name. They should correspond with the name used in the Simulation.
6.3. Participant’s car number must correspond to the number picked during the registration in the competition, if a Simulation provides such a possibility.
6.4. Number of team members may be limited. Maximum number of team members is pointed in Appendix D for particular Season.
6.5. Participants can take part both in drivers and teams competition.
6.6. Pilot or a team registration may be denied by the Chief Organizer without any explanation.
6.7. Making session passwords available for the 3rd party is forbidden.
6.8. If a briefing takes place, all participants are obliged to attend it if they are planning to take part in the race.
7. Filing an application.
7.1. Anyone can get permission for taking part in the competition.
7.2. Participant must file an application for every Event he is going to take part in.
7.3. Upon filing an application:
- Participant has read, understood an accepted these Regulations.
- Participant is obliged not to make any claims to the Officials, considering publishing information about the competition in any media sources.
7.4. If a Participant registered for an Event knows he will not be able to take part in it, he must cancel his application.
7.5. In case of registration for the Race by fastest lap time (hotlap) Participant may upload replay of hotlap with indication of exact laptime.
7.6. Uploading other person's replays or wrong files and indication false lap time is forbidden.
7.7. Participant, registered for the season with one name can not take part in this seasons events with any other name.
8. Prizes.
8.1. Winners of the drivers and teams competition get the prizes if such were announced before start of the Season.
8.2. Chief Organizer and sponsors may provide additional prizes.
9. Changes and additions to these regulations.
9.1. Only Chief Organizer has a right to change these Regulations.
9.2. Information about any changes to these Regulations must be published in the Official competition information source.
10. Responsibility.
10.1. Coordinator must announce start of the Event.
10.2. All Participants are required to save qualifying and race replays.
10.3. In a Force Majeure case the start of the session (practice, qualifying or the race) may be delayed by one hour. If a delay is longer than one hour, the session may be cancelled.

Appendix A. Participant’s conduct during Event.

А.1. Car movement on the Track.
А.1.1. Participants by all means necessary should avoid contact with rival’s cars.
А.1.2. During the entire Event Participant’s car must be driven on the Racing Surface, excluding cases of Parking, Pit-stop or Contact avoidance.
Participants will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the White Line, which defining the Racing Surface edges.
A participant who abandons the Racing Surface has the right to return to it again, only after he ensures that it would not pose a hazard for the rivals. In that case Participant is held responsible for any Contacts caused by his returning to the Race.
А.1.3. Parking is forbidden on any part of the Track excluding Pit-stalls, if it provides hazard for other Participants. Causing a yellow flag in the place of Parking is considered providing a hazard.
А.1.4. Stopping is forbidden on the Racing Surface and Pit-lane, excluding cases of Contact avoidance.
А.1.5. Abrupt and unreasonable deceleration is forbidden on the straight parts of the Racing Surface.
А.1.6. Driving on the Track in the direction opposite of designated is forbidden.
А.1.7. Providing a hazard for other Participants is forbidden, when getting onto the Racing Surface from beyond its boundaries. Upon getting onto the Racing Surface, in case of other cars approaching, Participant must drive along the boundary, over which reentry was made, until next turn.
А.1.8. In case of damage to his vehicle, Participant, should he decide to continue moving after damage evaluation, is held responsible for any incidents involving damaged car control.
A.1.9. In case of a stop on the Racing Surface caused by incident, Participant may resume motion only after he ensures that it would not pose a hazard for the rivals. In that case Participant is held responsible for any Contacts caused by his motion resume.
А.2. Battling for position.
А.2.1. Main responsibility for executing a safe Pass lies upon the passing Participant.
А.2.2. Battling beyond the Racing Surface is forbidden. If a Pass or a successful defense was made possible by driving off the Racing Surface, Participant who made this should surrender position.
А.2.3. In case of clear accident signs, such as:
- stopped, slowed down or lost control cars on a Racing surface or in close proximity of it;
- smoke;
- yellow flags;
- spotter warnings;
participants should cease battling and concentrate on safety. Participant who battled on and Passed a car, not involved in the accident in the accident zone, should return position.
А.2.4. While defending position before the Overlap on the straight between the turns, one deviation from the racing line is allowed. Participant, defending in this way should leave a place for rival on the side of the Racing Surface he deviated from.
А.2.5. Pass is considered complete if there is no Overlap and driving the optimal line in the current situation by rivals will not lead to the contact.
А.2.6.1. The blue flag informs Participant the faster car is aproaching, leading him by a lap or more. In this case Participant, seeing the blue flag, should refrain from abrupt and unpredictable maneuvers and braking. Interfering with the Pass is forbidden for the slower car. It is strongly recommended, that driver of slower car makes every necessary effort to provide possibility for a faster car to execute a safe Pass.
А.2.6.2. In case of close approach, If the car, Pilot of which is shown a blue flag, forces the car leading it for a lap or more, to reduce the usual turn (sequence of turns) taking speed, the Pilot of the slower car is obliged to provide opportunity to initiate a safe overtake on the next straight section of the racing surface and complete this overtake no later than the turn following that straight.
А.2.6.3. Pilot may pass a car, leading him by a lap or more, if such action will not interfere with it's battle and will not lead to significant time loss by Participants, leading him by a lap or more.
А.2.7. During parallel movement Participants should leave each other room on the Racing Surface.
А.3. Conducting Pit-stops.
А.3.1. Participant going to conduct Pit-stop should beforehand take the line along that edge of the Racing Surface there Pit-lane Entrance is located, so his driving line will not intersect with rival’s.
А.3.2. Battling for position is forbidden on the Pit-lane, Pit-lane Entrance and Exit. Under the green flag condition preference is given to the car, driving farthest from the Pit-stall lane, such car may not be passed while driving on the Pit-lane.
А.3.3. It is allowed to pass a car which is moving much slower than a Pit-lane speed limit. Such pass should be executed on the side opposite of Pit-stalls. Slower car must provide such possibility.
А.3.4. Backing up (reversing) is allowed only in own Pit-stall.
А.3.5. Participant should not provide a hazard for upcoming cars, when moving out of his Pit-stall. The Participant must take the lane farthest from Pit-stalls as soon as possible. The participant also must drive farthest from Pit-stalls lane before commencing his Pit-stop, leaving it just before pulling in his Pit-stall.
А.3.6. When driving from the Pit-lane onto the Racing Surface, Participant should not cross the line marking Pit-lane Exit, if there is such.
А.3.7. If mandatory pit-stop is required in the event (thus includes drive-through penalty), it should be conducted under "green" conditions - no "full course yellow" should be active, when entering a Pit-Lane. Entering a Pit-Lane for mandatory pit-stop or serving a penalty should be conducted no sooner than first start/finish line crossing by the Participant and not on the last lap of the event.
А.4. Qualification.
А.4.1. Participant who is not on his fast lap should undertake any actions necessary not to present a hazard for Participants on their fast lap.
А.4.2. In case of one Participant on his fast lap is approaching another Participant also on his fast lap, he may execute a pass only if it will not lead to the time loss by the Participant being passed.
А.5. Race start.
А.5.1. Participants should execute extreme caution on the first lap of the race, for cars are very close to each other and tires are still cold.
А.5.2. Participant, who caused a dangerous situation on the first lap of the race or the formation lap, or was involved in avoidable Contact on the first lap of the race or the formation lap, may be penalized by starting from the pits in the upcoming Event, if the Simulation provides such possibility.
А.5.3.1. In case of rolling start Participants should be driving in their pacing line without abrupt acceleration, braking or sideways movement, that includes tire warming, until the green flag is shown.
А.5.3.2. Unforced increase of distance to the car ahead, followed by acceleration started before and not interrupted after the green flag was shown, is forbidden.
А.5.3.3. Getting ahead of the cars in own pacing line is forbidden until the green flag is shown.
А.5.3.4. Leader of the second pacing line (2nd place) should not get ahead of the leader of the first pacing line (pole-sitter) before the start/finish line.
А.5.3.5. Unforced reducing of acceleration after the green flag was shown, that could lead to the other Participant penalization for getting ahead, is forbidden.
А.5.3.6. Violation of order in own pacing line is forbidden, as well as interfering with order restoration.
А.5.3.7. If a Participant, who lost his spot in the pacing line, is unable to regain it before the green flag is shown, he should stop outside the Racing Surface and immediately exit to the pits.
А.5.3.8. If the pole sitter fails to take his place on the starting grid before the formation lap begins, pilot on a 2nd place is considered the pole sitter and first pacing line leader.
A.5.3.9. If, when driving behind a pace car on the last lap before the start (restart), the damage does not allow to safely maintain the speed set by the pace car and the distance to the car in front of less than two cars, the pilot of the damaged car is obliged to leave the racing surface and stop, allowing the participants behind him, who can go faster, to pass him. After that he is allowed to resume driving into his pits.
A.5.3.10 After the pace car leaves the racing surface, it is prohibited to accelerate to a speed exceeding the speed of the pace car on the racing surface for the given track until the green flag is shown.
A.5.4. At the restart of the race rules are similar as at the start of the race.

Appendix B. Penalties.

В.1 Basic information.
В.1.1. Participant may get penalized for incidents in any sessions of the Event.
В.1.2. Possible penalizations are: penalty points, penalty time, starting from the pits, stripping of championship points, disqualification.
В.1.3. Participant who collected 7 penalty points in single Event is disqualified from that Event.
В.1.4. Penalty points are accumulated between Events. Upon collecting 10 penalty points Participant is disqualified from the upcoming Event. Upon collecting 14 penalty points Participant is disqualified for the rest of the Season.
В.1.5. Participant who did not collect 7 penalty points in the last Event of the Season, but accumulated 10 penalty point in total, is disqualified from that Event.
В.1.6. Incidents not resulting in Contact are classified and judged by actions in violation of Regulations, which led to the incident.
В.1.7. Incidents resulting in Contact are classified by severeness of outcome and judged by actions in violation of Regulations, which led to the incident.
В.1.7.1. Minor crash with other Participant – Contact of two cars which did not lead to the driving off the Racing Surface with significant time loss and damage to the cars was minimal, allowing further driving with racing pace.
В.1.7.2. Major crash with other Participant – Contact of two cars which led to the spin or driving off the Racing Surface, both with significant time or position loss, and/or damage to the cars was severe, not allowing further driving with racing pace.
В.1.7.3. Crash with the number of Participants – Contact of three cars or more.
В.1.8. Repetitive violation in the next Events will lead to increase of penalty points issued amount.
В.1.9. In some cases penalty points may be replaced by the penalty time added to the Participants result.
В.2. Penalty points issuing.
В.2.1. Not showing up for the event with active registration for it, without considerable reason – 2 pp.
В.2.2. Using voice or text chat in violation of the Regulations – from 0 (warning) to 8 pp.
В.2.3. Creating a dangerous situation – violation of A.1. section. From 0 (warning) to 5 pp.
В.2.4. Unfair battling – violation of A.2. section. From 0 (warning) to 5 pp.
В.2.4. Incorrect Pit-stop conducting – violation of A.3. section. From 0 (warning) to 5 pp.
В.2.5. Creating a hazard during qualification – violation of A.4. section. From 0 (warning) to 5 pp.
В.2.6. Actions, leading to the Minor crash with other Participant. From 0 (warning) to 3 pp.
В.2.7. Actions, leading to the Major crash with other Participant. From 2 to 6 pp.
В.2.8. Actions, leading to the crash with the number of Participants. From 3 to 7 pp.
В.2.9. Cutting – violation of А.1.2. Regulation, resulting in time gain. Penalized by the penalty time, amount of which is considered by the Steward board in every particular case.
B.2.10. Unfair play - account substitution, paragraph 7.6 violation - will lead to penalization up to indefinite disqualification.
В.2.11 Misbehavior during start - violation of A.5 section. From 0 (warning) to 5 pp.
В.2.12 Violation of other Regulations or not complying with the Competition official's demands will lead to penalization up to indefinite disqualification.
B.2.13. Participant found guilty of deliberate actions, aimed for crashing and/or causing a yellow flag, may be penalizaed up to indefinite disqualification.
В.3. Penalty points write off.
В.3.1. 1 penalty point can be written off if Participant drove a Clean Race.
В.3.2. The Race is considered Clean if Participant got classified in it and was not involved in any Contacts with other cars. Due Simulation features, there may be additional clauses, which should be mentioned in Appendix D for particular Season.
В 3.3. In case Participant doesn’t have any penalty points and drives a Clean Race, penalty points are not written off in the future for this Clean Race.

Appendix D. Season information.

Is issued separately for every particular Season.

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